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Honneur, Merry Meet, and Welcome to the Pagan-American Princess Pages!

That's right, Pagan-American Princess! I am a beginning practitioner of Vodoun and a Witch in the primitive European traditions. I am proud to be a young traditional woman at the fin de millenium.

This site is the all-Pagan sister site to my original online home, Jayelle's Diversions. I think a lot about Paganism, but by no means is it the only thing on my mind. If you'd like to read about Sinead O'Connor, politics, life as a young Bisexual woman, or perfume, surf on over to Jayelle's Diversions! Don't worry, I give you plenty of opportunities to come back here...or is that why you look so fearful?

If you aren't Pagan, you may want to start by reading My Own Hell to Raise, which details my journey from committed Assemblies of God Christian to (hopefully lifelong) Vodoun Witch. If you want to talk religion, go to my Interfaith and Vodoun bulletin boards.

You may also read Talismania!, my online talismanic Book of Shadows. And just for fun, why not read You Might Be a Hip-Hop Pagan or my new joke collection for Vodouisants?

I finally have some new stuff for you! Many cyberPagans are familiar with A Letter To Witches, a truly maddening cybertract against Witchcraft. Well, I thought it warranted a response from a Witch. Read it here.

More will be coming! But while you wait for it, do please sign my guestbook.

Since February 28, 1998, unsuspecting people have been ensnared by the Pagan-American Princess!!!!!

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