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Christendumb and Then Some

Being a Bisexual, Vodoun practitioner, AND Witch, I'm a tasty combination platter of evil for all too many people. This particular Web page is a repository for hateful, misguided, and just plain strange Christian and quasi-Christian sites I've seen on the Net. Some of the sites are obviously done with a great deal of love, sincerity, and concern for "sinners." I can't actively dislike these people even as I dislike their ideas, and the words "hate site" don't quite apply to them. Some are merely offensive to me because they actively engage in politics to inflict their beliefs on the rest of us. Some, on the other hand, terrify and sicken me with pure, teeth-rattling hatred.

I share these sites to share other ideas on the Net. I share them because misery loves company! I share them to show sexual-minority and religious-minority people what we're up against.

Please, don't send these people obscene or hateful E-mails, even the blindingly hateful ones. They'll only feel more right in combatting their perceived enemies--and what are they to think when they recieve hate mail from someone they've already decided is wrong? Also, please keep in mind that our freedom of speech is their freedom of speech. Having grown up among conservative Christians, I don't see that entire group as evil. I advise those who are of my tribe to see the humor that is so readily obvious in some of these sites--as Scott Cunningham, a Wiccan author, put it in his Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner, laughing at a curse keeps it from affecting us. Consider why others would think this way, and enjoy the view of others' minds. You can also go to Spiritual Siteseeing or the secular Library of Links for more positive sites. In fact, I recommend it!

In the interest of fairness, I add parodies, other link lists, bitter humor, and a list of hateful anti-Christian sites. I don't like anti-Christian sites, either, and don't recommend them. It's just that I can't in good conscience ignore any hate.


Christian Anti-Homosexuality Web Site
Nothing like starting with the obvious, eh?
Upholding the tradition of heterosexuality by disrespecting Queers. A college site, just so you don't think all college students are liberals.
The Westboro Baptist Church
Fred Phelps' church. Ugly, nasty, brutal. I've stopped looking at it--I inevitably vomit, for real, at the rank disrespect this man displays for the dead. He hates living sexual-minorities, too.
The American Guardian
Don Ellis' main site. Ostensibly designed to "protect" children, it reads as a long anti-gay spiel.
The Creator's Rights Party
"Won't you please help us arrest the faggots?" Another makes-me-vomit site.
Stonewall Revisted
I won't list ex-gay sites, usually--I see the decision to change as a valid option for some who can't reconcile their faith and their sexuality. This, however, is a dummy site.
Americans for Truth
Peter LaBarbera's site. Reports on sexual-minority activities for a right-wing audience.
The Pink Swastika--Homosexuality in the Nazi Party
Inaccurate AND disgusting! Talk about revisionist history!

Anti-Pagan/Religious Intolerance

Anti-Lots-Of-Stuff (You'll see!)

Scriptures for America
Death penalty for homosexuals. Racism. Anti-Semitism. Lots more. Scary shit!
The Other Side of the News
A bunch of essays about the Christian Right's enemies.
Balaam's Ass Speaks
Appropriately titled, as Steve Van Nattan talks out of his ass.
The Perilous Times
More than anti-Paganism!
Mission America
Linda Harvey repented of her liberal sins. Doesn't like homosexuality, feminism, or Paganism. Well-written and lucid.
Two thousand pages of complete and utter lunacy!
Chick Publications
Those icky comic-book tracts and then some!

Jayelle Lukash