The Vanity Table Witch
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The Vanity Table Witch

Our Pagan ancestors believed that magick is in the common things, and used things common to their environment to create spells. I believe that, too. Early in my Craft practice, I developed an interest in color correspondences. I combined them with something common to any Pagan-American Princess' environment--makeup!
It makes sense. Makeup is cheap (sometimes! :-), easily available, and, for a woman, very acceptable and easy to use. It escapes notice in ways that, say, talismen, jewelry, or public smudging cannot. Unless you change your style drastically (say, using red lipstick when you normally use gloss), nobody will care or have any hint that you are doing anything "different".
Begin with your magickal goal, then find a color that corresponds to it.

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Jayelle Lukash

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